Drink and Be Merry!

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Drink and Be Merry

The majority of us make a decision that once the holidays are upon us, ALL HEALTH BETS ARE OFF.

Sure, we will participate in vegetables, (because they were coincidentally mixed in with the cheesy gravy mashed potatoes), but enjoying the party atmosphere is all about feeling good.

Pay attention to that concept for a mere moment: we ignore what we know is good for us, because we associate it with not "feeling good."

This is where Performance for Life coaching comes in more handy with clients than actually shelling out a nutrition plan that most people won't use over the holidays. Instead what if we focused on what actually feels good?

What feels good for the day? The night? The next day? A month from now?

  • Fitting in your clothes

  • Getting around with the kids, or a sport, or a physical job/task

  • Having energy, patience, determination to succeed

  • Sleeping well

  • Accepting what the mirror and photos reflect

  • Getting compliments on our physique

If we based our decisions on these principle questions, our choices may reflect differently than "oh no...all the cookies in my belly.  Guess I'll worry about it tomorrow!"

On a factual level, sugar itself can be quite the perpetrator because it releases the happy hormone know as "serotonin." With years of our brain saying  "this is the best decision you have ever made," amongst consuming 8 holiday eggnog's and half the tray of desserts; your journey toward healthier decisions starts with developing your new shockingly evolved eating skills and behaviour toward what REALLY feels good the most.

With your evolving knowledge, you have the power to know that any of your 5 sensory systems that respond to the presence, smell, sight, someone speaking about it, memories of taste and texture ; sugar is the main and fastest culprit to that sneaky weight gain over the holidays. That decrease in energy, leading to not feeling physically and emotionally great about yourself. That not wanting to do productive things that you know would make your day easier and provide more quality time to be present in what you do for fun.

So Drink and be Merry.  But only you can know what really feels good.

What feels good today? What feels good tomorrow? What feels good in the next month? And what decisions can you make, that make you feel good, most to all of the time!

Happiness at it's best.