SHOCK Performance Nutrition is primarily focus on maximizing an

athlete's potential.

Often individuals put significant effort into training but neglect to make nutrition a priority.  The timing of the right kinds and amounts of food is monumental to performance, recovery, injury prevention and treatment.


The SHOCK Performance Athlete

GET ME THERE, NOW. ($750 and up)


-THE SHOCK FACT PACKAGE specific to you

-Your Food Record Assessment & Feedback Report

-1 Hour Consultation (In-person/ Skype)

-A personalized, time-specific sport nutrition plan based on AM to PM, with 2-3 styles of your types of day.

Example: Week & Weekend Day with Sport Eating Plans specific to Training phase and fitness goals

-Nutritional Performance Focus While Considering Preferences & Dislikes, Values, Religious Beliefs, Restrictions

-Branding Guide, Grocery Store Tour, List & Tips

-Fridge /Pantry SHOCK Overhaul

-Specific to your Sport Considerations

-Weekly Email Check-In’s

-Goal Coaching

-4 Follow-Up In-person/Phone Sessions



          SHOCK customizes all presentations to your group. It is essential that prior to contacting us, you have a general idea what concepts you would like covered for your group. We love to execute what you want, but if you need some ideas of the kinds of presentations we offer click here or ask us through email:!

Prices for seminars vary.  Depending on the nature of your group, group needs, size and budget, we like to discuss this together with you. We would be happy to provide you with a quote.