Our fast paced society is increasingly focused on equally as fast made results.  

There are many short-cuts that a person can take to achieve an aesthetic “look” that may or may not last.  Short cuts can and often lead to potential health problems and should be advised only by accredited professionals. 

SHOCK concentrates on the WHY. We passionately educate you on unbiased, current wellness research to help you make an informed decision. 

Consider the changes you will be making in your life with SHOCK services.  We take great pleasure in offering, One-on-One services that consider your behaviours, goals and preferences.  Our personalized health packages and custom nutrition plans are 100% focused on combining ingredients that taste great and functionally support you to digest and fuel your activities. 

Packages ensure the specific education our clientele requires, surpassing a typical“diet-plan.” Our counselling sessions discuss what you feel you may be struggling with, what you prefer, what you enjoy and what your daily requirements are to create the ultimate goal plan just for you. This a relationship we will build together, introducing a lot of new concepts and that’s why we are here for YOU.