Feeling down? Can’t see a solution in sight?

Are you finding YOU are sometimes the one holding YOURSELF back?

The power of self-esteem requires great strength and courage.


The SHOCK Visualization & Positive Self Talk services connect you back to what is completely true: You CAN take on anything you want to ; there may be more than one path that gets you there!

In-person or via Skype, we discuss the great YOU and how you truly will connect your passions into your daily life’s work.

This coaching service follows the SHOCK STRENGTH INTRO SESSION to emotionally pump-up and create the focus you need to get the ball rolling!

Invest in yourself and your own power, a healthy you and a healthy mind approach helps dominate your daily life.

Self development is for anyone, we can all get better.

Sessions can be 15-45 minutes in length.
 *Payment prior to service is required*