Enrolling others in their own purpose to achieve ultimate performance


Consider the changes you can make with One-on-One services that incorporate your daily behaviours, goals and preferences.  

Our personalized health packages, wellness education seminars and custom nutrition plans are 100% focused on enrolling you in your own health and functionally support your activities.

From beginners to elite, all ages, backgrounds and cultures are covered.



Life Coaching takes our natural fears and limits that stop us from going after our goals and dreams.  

In sport, business, finances or relationships, a coach can help set up a plan for you to push past what has stopped you before and accomplish where you'd like to be.



Sport nutrition can make or break an athlete or team competing against another. 

Physical strength, endurance, and power are enhanced with the knowledge and the tools to fuel, build and recover. What are you doing to achieve your best performance?




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"The nutrition knowledge Coach Alex has and provides her clients with is second to none. She has the drive and personality to keep you on track.
I found Coach Alex really takes the time to listen and subsequently designs a personal program that is specific for you. Everyone has different needs, food preferences, goals and of course body types. Alex recognizes these factors and customizes a diet program that will help you achieve your goals based on your situation and life."

-SHOCK Client Dan, BodyBuilder & Crossfit Athlete