“Life Coach? So WHAT, you tell me all the things I am doing wrong in my life?”                           

Have you heard of a Life Coach? Whether you have or not, the words can evoke some curiousity.


The SHOCK Life Coaching experience is extremely subjective and individual. It takes sincere personal strength to be vulnerable and be authentic, even just with yourself. All people have both fears and limits that stop them from going after their dreams.  A coach can help listen and identify a plan for you to push past what has stopped you before and feel the strength in yourself to accomplish your desired life outcomes. 

This can be incredibly helpful in sport, business, finances and relationships with both yourself and others!



Coaching in any area of life is about :

o Talking to someone who will Listen without judgement

o Talking to someone in Confidentiality

o Talking to someone to bounce ideas off of

o Identifying your Limits or Areas of Opportunity

o Talking about and creating Potential Solutions

o Setting Attainable Goals and Balanced Decision Making

o Setting Goals in a Reasonable and Timely Fashion

o Providing Constructive Feedback

o Being Accountable To Your Goals & Feeling Motivated

o Getting Support & Resources To Achieve Your Set Goals

o Someone to Help you Grow & Feel Stronger with life’s daily challenges

o Setting up Future Successes from New Skill Development

o Identifying and reaching everyday for your Life’s Purpose


"The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving." -Oliver Wendell Holmes