The SHOCK Performance Experience

We focus on a whole life health approach with accredited education and current scientific research that matters to all individuals and groups interested in elevating their present and future health.


You are unique...

and so should your 

experiences with a health



SHOCK creates a custom experience just for you.
If you are seeking to gain knowledge in our sport and wellness seminars, one on one coaching or a personalized nutrition wellness plan; SHOCK amplifies the invaluable connection between health and a better you.


You deserve more than to generalized or compared
We do not enter you into a computer as strictly data and feed you back a generalized plan. SHOCK specializes in making your health journey a unique and personalized experience while meeting your needs and fulfilling your goals. 


We are: S H O C K

Shocking Education Seminars

Health Focused on the Short AND Long Term

One on One Counselling For Nutrition, Wellness and Life Coaching

Community Building Resources, Referrals & Support Connections

Kinetic Knowledge & Education Based


NUTRITION                                                       COACHING

Your health-filled life is waiting for you.

 Be a SHOCK client!  We'd love to hear from you! 


"Generic isn’t even in this woman's vocabulary. I have never met a nutritionist and life coach more knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated in my life. To see someone care so deeply about an individual's goals and to see that dedication transpire into changing someones life is truly remarkable. Alex is truly the most intelligent, sensitive and caring woman when it comes to developing a positive change in your life. It is not only astonishing, but even more exciting to see just how much she knows about the science behind nutrition and the fitness catered to each individuals needs." 

-SHOCK Client Samantha, Pursuing Balanced Daily Health in Nutrition, Fitness and Overall Lifestyle