SHOCK LIFE STRENGTH: To get to know each other, understand who you are and where you want to go, we begin with our introduction session in SHOCK LIFE STRENGTH.

SHOCK LIFE STRENGTH is a one-hour session in-person or via telephone/Skype. We work together to identify your personal aspirations to succeed and be awesome in your life!

We pinpoint what you are about, what your core values are, what you’re trying to achieve and where you’d like to move toward in the future.

Do you know your life purpose? Do you live it? This helps us define our RELATIONSHIP WITH SELF. \

Do you know who are the key people in your life that support you and push you to get better?  Are you struggling to maintain relationships that make you feel good? Once your relationship with self is strongly connected, we can discuss enhancing your RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHERS. Together we will actively empower you to take on your passions and pursue your purpose while building fulfilling relationships around you.

SHOCK LIFE STRENGTH session(s) sets us up for future Coaching Sessions, Visualization and Positive Self Talks. We do these talks over Skype.


SHOCK LIFE STRENGTH Intro Session : $70.00

Addition Coaching Sessions IndiviDual : $55.00

Packages of Three Coaching Sessions : $150.00